Our 1983 & 1984 Yearbooks are written as if "today" is 1st January 1984 or 1st January 1985 with no knowledge of future events, songs or releases. They accurately detail the excitement and intensity of both years. The intense detail, accuracy and quality of the print and paper surpass a high end Tour Programme. Self funded, self published, no crowd funding, no pre orders and no paid advertising. Just like it was in the 80’s. In stock for immediate dispatch.


BOOK ISBN: 9781909008025

Premium: Quality & Content

Superior Quality, full size: US letter (A4)

Cover: 250 gsm gloss (heft & protection)

Cover Photo: Simon Halfon

Paper: 115 gsm Matt text paper

Colour: Premium colour (Tour Programme quality)

Launched: 18th May 2022

Release Code: TSCM2

Paid Advertising: None! Absolutely none!

Pages: 48

RRP: £19.99 (Look for the discount code)

Limited: 300 Cafe Bleu word searches! 

A fascinating and in-depth look at the 2nd year of The Style Council. Alongside Mick Talbot, Steve White and DeeCLeetheyreleased3 hit singles, a hit album and managed to break into the USA Billboard chart. This book details all events, releases and tours, 51 concerts across the UK, Europe, USA and Japan. Fulloffacts,statistics and some excellent photos it continues on the theme introduced in the previous release - that it was written on the first day of the following year with no knowledge of futurebandevents.The book continues it’s unique interactive element where it is possible to view footage of the event you are reading about. Using an iconic Simon Halfon cover photo from Paris, 1984 isprinted in Premium Colour, has the quality of a tour programme and is the perfect accompaniment to sit alongside your Style Council record collection. Written by Iain Munn who has covered TheStyleCouncilfor over 30 years, and worked on releases for Universal and many others.


BOOK ISBN: 9781909008106 

Premium: Quality & Content

Superior Quality, full size: US letter (A4)

Cover: 250 gsm gloss (heft & protection)

Cover Photo: Dennis Munday

Paper: 115 gsm Matt text paper

Colour: Premium colour (Tour Programme quality)

Launched: Monday 5th April 2021

Release Code: TSCM1

Paid Advertising: None! Absolutely none!

Pages: 52

RRP: £19.99 (Look for the site discount)

Limited:  50 Iain Stewart Brockwell Park exclusive Prints (sold out)


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