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2.5 million views - Walls

Walls Come Tumbling Down approaches 2.5 You Tube views via VEVO.  

14th September: 2,471,166 views

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MODERNISM - Love it? Hate it?

With Modernism: A New Decade being released on 15th September and the surge in orders making it an Amazon Number 1 release, it was time to do a poll.


Remember this is the rejected 1989 album and much slated since. However, the colour vinyl series seems to have captured the attention of many people wouldn't have gone near it last year.

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This COMPLETE box set from 1998 includes the elusive SIXTH CD & the HMV edition of MR COOL'S DREAM. A few CD 6 CD's are available in the SHOP whilst stocks last.

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Happy 59th Birthday Mick Talbot!

Happy 59th, Mick Talbot!


Nothing beats Birthdays on social media and this was no exception. Hundreds of likes and many many comments for Mick to read. He did confirm on the 11th he would read them all as soon as he could.

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PAUL WELLER went solo in 1983!

Speak Like A Child master 7"
Paul Weller a solo artist in 1983

Paul Weller signed to a solo contract before he quit The Jam and a few months before announcing The Style Council.


Here's a nice heavy master room 7" of Speak Like A Child and Party Chambers as Paul Weller.



Style Council T-Shirt

Limited to 50 T-Shirts across the sizes.


SOLD OUT in 5 days !!


A 2nd edition may return in the autumn.


See the gallery and reserve an interest.


The Style Council coloured vinyl collection July - September 2017

Mr Cool's Dream paperback