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Post your Style Council question here

Post your Style Council question here or ask for a feature or information during 1983-1989.



There was a lot of discussion as to why the colour vinyl releases did not come with a sticker to distinguish them from the original releases since 198x.  Universal confirmed this was not an option for this series.


So we decided to create and professionally print 37mm round stickers which CAN if you wish be put onto your new purchase.  It is a permanent sticker so please be aware of this when attaching to the sleeve or to the plastic.


We are selling them back to you the fan/purchaser/Record Store at Cost price* and non profit making. 


The cost of each sticker is 6p and sold in a set of 6 at 36p.  There will however, be the unavoidable costs. Only 25% of the total 1,000 records released were printed so stock is limited. 


Cost Breakdown*

6 x Stickers: 36p Cost Price

Envelope: 3p Cost Price

Stamp (UK): 55p   [Europe/Worldwide to be confirmed].  Unavoidable Cost at Cost Price

Card/Paypal Charge: 24p (UK)  Unavoidable Cost at Cost Price


TOTAL COST for posting (UK) £1.18 (UK).  Europe/Worldwide to be confirmed.


Face to Face cost will be 40p as no unavoidable charges will apply.


Please complete the form in the SHOP  here


Strictly Come Dancing in Jerusalem

On BBC1 every Saturday evening from now until eviction is  Honorary Style Councillor, The Reverend Richard Coles, former member of The Communards.  Why is he an Honorary Councillor?   He narrated The Style Council 1987 movie JerUSAlem.  This movie is still to get an in-depth blog feature.


Good luck !


More information 



The Style Council GO ALPINE!

We've added a splash of C&A colour to the unreleased STYLE COUNCIL "Go Alpine" sleeve reproduced with permission in Mr Cool's Dream 2014.


Rarest TRACIE YOUNG release ?

This will be TRACIE YOUNG's rarest UK release, so a rough value at £50.


It was sold at her Shepherd's Bush Empire gig in 2009. No more than 500 were pressed, if that.


1983 mapped

"There's no peace for the wicked" ... plotting 83/84 tracks & appearances.


This will be a "map" where you can double check you have em all.


Some compilation CD's

Here are 9 Style Council compilations you may not have seen. There are more of course like The Singular Adventures not featured.


2.5 million views - Walls

Walls Come Tumbling Down approaches 2.5 You Tube views via VEVO.  

14th September: 2,471,166 views

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MODERNISM - Love it? Hate it?

With Modernism: A New Decade being released on 15th September and the surge in orders making it an Amazon Number 1 release, it was time to do a poll.


Remember this is the rejected 1989 album and much slated since. However, the colour vinyl series seems to have captured the attention of many people wouldn't have gone near it last year.

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The Style Council coloured vinyl collection July - September 2017

Mr Cool's Dream paperback