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Promised Land

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2017 Vinyl

All six albums re-issued were remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London with the original packaging. Each was limited to 1,000 a coloured 180g heavyweight with MP3 download code within each.


Release date: July 14th 2017

1. Introducing (Magenta)

2. Café Bleu (Blue)


Release date: August 18th 2017

3. Our Favourite Shop (Lilac)

4. The Cost Of Loving (Double orange)


Release date: September 15th 2017

5. Confessions Of A Pop Group (White)

6. Modernism: A New Decade (Double Lime Green)

Sticker Set

There was a lot of discussion as to why the colour vinyl did not come with a sticker to distinguish them from the original releases.  Universal confirmed this was not an option so created and professionally print 37mm round stickers.




A handy reference ebook for all releases prior to the 2017 Colour Vinyl. All the singles, albums, promotional releases, special releases, Worldwide Television, Video/DVD, BBC, Unreleased tracks and many more. Only 99p

The video singles

From Speak Like A Child to Promised Land. Let's see what info can be added for each release from Twitter.



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