1st gig (Liverpool Empire, 1st May 1983)
1st gig (Liverpool Empire, 1st May 1983)

Season 3 T-Shirt

Now 7" featuring TSC

Season 3: The Locations. Our latest unique nod to 1988.  It may take a while to work out this one. 

Season 1 T-Shirt

Season 1: The Band. In conjunction with Gama clothing this was limited to 50 and sold out in a day. All individually numbered.

The Paris March

Established 2018 & in its 6th Year. This is the on-site Style Council (influenced) private tour of Paris. It is possible to visit all 11 confirmed locations over a  weekend or select your own must-see sites for a day trip. 


An ebook reference for releases prior to the 2017 Colour Vinyl. Singles, albums, promotional,  special, Worldwide Television, Video/DVD, BBC, Unreleased and  more. Only £1.99

Promised Land Box Set. Worldwide Database

Do you own the Promised Land box set?

Do you have a spare or are you looking for a copy? Here is our effort to find the 5,000 copies *.      

 *thousands that went unsold were destroyed

The Truman Trail

THE TRUMAN TRAIL  launched back in 2012 to log as many copies of the Acid Jazz release by King Truman, (Like A Gun) as were known to exist.  It was mentioned on the Radio and on Eddie Piller's Modcast

Sticker Set

There was a lot of discussion as to why the colour vinyl collection  did not come with a sticker to distinguish them from the original releases.  Universal confirmed this was not an option so we created and professionally printed 37mm round stickers. Sold at cost price (no profit).


A fantastic & popular “watch party” took place in June 2020 with some special guests turning up. You can re-live it here.

NOW - A limited 7"

Now 7" featuring TSC

Featuring  "Long Hot Summer" Only 500 copies were pressed and sneaked out on 26th August 2022. 

HMV Exclusive vinyl

Our Favourite Shop (HMV). The 1921 Centenary Edition (on Yellow Vinyl) was released on 17th June 2023

1983 Yearbook

The 1983 Yearbook had phenomenal feedback for its quality, accuracy and content. It has the premium colour feel of a Tour Programme and the detail of an encyclopaedia. 99.9% accurate and complete.

1984 Yearbook

The 1984 Yearbook continued where 1983 left off  (quality, accuracy and content.). It  too uses premium colour on quality paper, the feel of a Tour Programme and the detail of an encyclopaedia.

1985 Yearbook

Now 7" featuring TSC

The 1985 Yearbook is under construction. What a remarkable and full on year for TSC. 

'86/'89 Yearbook

The 1986 - 1989 Yearbook will be the final release in the highly collectable 25th anniversary Series.

Mr Cool's Dream

The grandfather of them all. The only biography on The Style Council has been out of print since 2015 and is selling 2nd hand between £50 - £150 (depending on the format). Each edition was completely re-written & never reprinted. Hence the guaranteed future value to you, the purchaser. 

Season 2 T-Shirt

Season 2: The albums. Our best seller of 2023. Simple but effective. Watch the nod of appreciation when you are out and about in this unique style. 

THE Video Singles

From Speak Like A Child to Promised Land. These are official promos when made available.

TSC Twitter Feed

With over 18,000 followers and 23,600 tweets, @mrcoolsdream remains the only dedicated Style Council feed on Twitter. Every question answered, everything you need to know

Simon Halfon

Exclusive interview with Sim on Halfon prior to the release of his astounding book on album covers. He often has a disxioubh cv 

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