General Release

This is the 'general release' that got into shops before the plug was pulled. Estimated to be 300 by Eddie Piller at the time, but after 10 years of cataloguing, thought to be less.

Test Press

Test press stamped on 26th October 1988. Some will still have the press release.

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How did the King Truman collaboration come to fruition?

MICK: In 1988 Me, Paul Weller and Dee C Lee worked on a tune not intended for The Style Council. It was a Parliament/ Funkadelic-inspired funk tune and we wanted a quick, anonymous release and the Acid Jazz label, then in its infancy, were going to put it out. Polydor objected to Paul’s involvement and the record was withdrawn before its official release. Consequently there were only a small amount of original records that saw the light of day.

Matt Mead, Gigslutz

For Sale

Copies currently on DISCOGS and EBAY

 28th July 2023

EBAY: Copies at £155 (Japan)

DISCOGS: 13 listed for sale (all non UK). 

Between £40 & £115. Most recent sales €50 (July 2023). 6 transactions in 2023. 

174 are listed on Discogs as having a copy (unverified) up from 164 in Dec 2022.