JerUSAlem - Scene by Scene


JERUSALEM commences before any opening titles with Breaking front page News in the Daily Distraction (The) STYLE COUNCIL OUT ON BAIL. The band have been accused of being the best pop group ever & the film begins. Daily Distraction promo T-shirt’s were made


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Dee, Paul, Mick & Steve run out to a waiting car and avoid all questions from the waiting press (known as drippy inkies within the film). Shot in Hackney this 1957 black Wolseley still exists in 2020. The band speed off to a secret location .... in Dorset.


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The opening titles, @PaoloHewitt1 wrote the screenplay with @lucyh the producer, filmmaker, and Richard

@RBelfield the director. Enjoy the informative scenes and contribute your views on JerUSAlem in 2020.


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“Paul Welly” has been said a LOT since this was first aired on 14th February 1987 ... “Go back for my parts do freeze, thus I say go back”. @paulwellerHQ - Richard Coles

@RevRichardColes is the narrator throughout #thestylecouncil film JerUSAlem


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We are next introduced to MICK TALBOT composing a masterpiece in his gold cloak @lucyh @RBelfied #thestylecouncil Would be interesting to know where the props came from & where they are now.


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Up next, whilst listening to the results of the “Prince of the paradiddles” awards on on his Style Council embossed radio, is STEVE WHITE @drummerwhitey. A brilliant outfit polished off with loafers & (Steve) White socks!


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DEE C LEE on a cliff top, gazing out to sea. Here’s some trivia - The Cappuccino Kids notes on the THE LODGERS single describe this very scene. DEE is humming the tune of ANGEL from The Cost Of Loving album, it then switches to all 4 band members


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Dee has changed outfit in a nano second as ANGEL is the first track from The Cost of Loving and is a stunning promotional video. Paul, Mick, Steve back in their 1985 “Lodgers” togs.


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It took around 30 years to track down the very bay where ANGEL & the next immediate scene was filmed! 


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This is a great scene, Steve’s @drummerwhitey face is a picture of bewilderment. Back in the opening scene wardrobe Paul asks all his “links” what they should do now ....



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This scene got a huge cheer when played playing during the TSC February 1987 tour. The Style Council ride on scooters on loan from Rafferty Newman Lambretta supplies, Portsmouth. The band ride past a family out in a field watching television


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That info from post 11 switches to a studio where Presenter Yvonne French is heading into dressing room number 1 (Trivia: you may remember from The Switch shows in 1983 where Yvonne introduced The Style Council).



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Yvonne interviews “THE VERY TALL BUILDINGS” the band leader in his kilt ... I’ll let you watch this scene to try and make sense of it #theStyleCouncil This leads onto the 2nd promotional video in the movie



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This scene introduces us to @bobbyllew who is the Studio director for the top 10 single IT DIDN’T MATTER, there’s a nice intro where the drummer @drummerwhitey

with ideas is told just to drum. The promotional video that follows is excellent. It’s worth covering Robert_Llewellyn…. An actor, comedian, presenter and writer. He played the mechanoid Kryten in the TV sci-fi sitcom Red Dwarf from 1989


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At the end of IT DIDN’T MATTER came a hint to another stream running throughout the “Why are you called The Style Council?” & each time before Paul can answer .... well you will see.

The fan here was Mary Cornford.


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A little out of sync as the band have not yet arrived but the scooters are parked up in the distance. Mick here talking about “a land within a land” on the village green of Aldbourne which a few have visited


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“And did those feet in ancient time,

Walk upon England's mountains green?

And was the holy lamb of god

On England's pleasant pastures seen?” JERUSALEM!! By Emerson, Lake & Palmer #thestylecouncil The Queen was actress Josephine Melville (Eastenders)



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The Style Council make their way to a church (we have located it, it is not in Aldbourne) where Paul tells us “If America were a pair of jeans, England would be it’s back pocket” .. before declaring “let’s do a song”


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HEAVENS ABOVE, the 3rd song from THE COST OF LOVING & a brilliant summe promotional video in, on & around

@WiltonWindmill which is a location many have visited, & may now visit. That tie Dee is wearing Paul wore on Home & Abroad sleeve and Steve in the Wanted video.


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In this scene a policeman arrives on his horse, looking for The Style Council - he is Michael Fenner, an actor with 26 credits in @IMDb


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“Why are you called The Style Council ?”


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The next scene results in Steve @drummerwhitey

getting bricked by football hooligans doing the conga “Oh children of this industrial wasteland” Rubber or not it got you full on Steve #theStyleCouncil lovely scarf from the 1985 tour merchandise


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 After being asked again about the band name, Paul says “Enough is enough oh my children, away back we must go to face the music, press, and drippy inkies.” #thestylecouncil agree to return to court and await sentence......


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The Jury is @Detroit67Book (off the ball every week!) who wrote for NME back then, was there writing the article for the bands NME cover, a nice cameo. Actor Phil Cornwall

@GilbertTheAlien too (voice of Murdoc Niccals in the virtual band Gorillaz)


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he judge “before I pass water & the sentence” is well known actor Gary Beadle @garybeadle He had just appeared in Absolute Beginners movie and was currently starring in 328 episodes of @bbceastenders

#thestylecouncil were “even well bloody dressed!” He pronounced them ....


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..pronounce you ..<freeze>.. “GUILTY” #thestylecouncil The original script at this point says The Style Council run to their instruments & play MY VERY GOOD FRIEND but this wasn’t in the final script and we see the tent fill up for a big party.


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The after court party is a mix of locals, members from the band Black Britain & a cameo you probably never noticed

@PaoloHewitt1 the screenwriter for JerUSAlem on the decks with Stuart @Detroit67Book

Mick, Steve & Dee were there too


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The film ends with student (actor PAUL FORTY who couldn’t be on here tonight) interviewing Paul about the name , The Style Council and he thinks he has found the reason for the band being being called this . #thestylecouncil Paul is ready to answer ..............


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Paul: “Well actually...” & the credits cut in & that is it. I hope you enjoyed a whistle stop tour, learned something new about the film, location or actor(s) who starred in it. Please do read back the tweets (numbered) when you next watch JERUSALEM


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