Quadrophenia: A Way of Life


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It's been over 35 years since the film Quadrophenia hit the world's cinema screens. Jimmy the Mod's search for identity against the backdrop of the May Bank Holiday riots of the 1960's, is regarded as the finest example of a British "youth" movie and a warmly remembered timepiece for a generation. Set against the backdrop of the Mods and Rockers riots of 1964, the film took its lead from The Who's classic rock opera of 1973. With a stellar cast including Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Toyah Wilcox and Police front man Sting, the film launched a whole generation of Britain's finest actors. Even in 2013, the word Quadrophenia still resonates as a buzzword for youthful exuberance and Modernist imagery. As the generation that first saw it now approach their fifties with teenagers of their own, Quadrophenia has become a glorious benchmark for their own youthful excesses, hopes, dreams and nostalgia. To critics, admirers and casual observers, it's intriguing: what makes a 30 plus year-old film like Quadrophenia still appealing? And similarly, why do people return to it time and time again? For the first time, QUADROPHENIA….A WAY OF LIFE explores the making of Britain's great cult film and its subsequent influence on popular culture. With interviews with principal cast members, director Franc Roddam, scriptwriter Martin Stellman and other involved in the creation of the film, this is the definitive account of Britain's greatest youth movie. Although most would credit Quadrophenia as a "Mod" film, it displays more of the fury of the late 1970's than 1960's post-war austerity. Nonetheless, this slightly surreal, timeless atmosphere the film exudes, adds to its charm. Ultimately, Mod and 1960's references aside, Quadrophenia is a classic "boy meets girl, loses girl" parable; a theme which is perennially identifiable with. 

"You have done a fantastic job, reading the chapters took me right back. Very accurate, wonderfully done." Franc Roddam 

"Fantastic job!!" - Gary Shail 

"Read your book, loved it." - John Blundell 

"Got it, seen it, like it a lot! A good read. - "Bill Curbishley: 

"Wonderful book" - Robert Elms BBC London



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"So many new things to learn about the film even for those like me who thought they already knew it all. A really flowing read with just the right level of respect paid for not just the film, the cast and the director but also for the culture that inspired it and it inspired. Highly recommended." - Feb 2016


"An extremely well rounded book and a must for anyone who lived through the 60's Mod era, the 80's Mod revival or who just enjoyed the film / album." - April 2016


Amazing book. So much in here, really interesting facts that I never knew before and very well written - June 2016


"This is an incredibly detailed and well-structured analysis and description of the making of the film and everything which surrounded it." - May 2016


"Absolutely brilliant look at the making of a cult classic." - April 2016