by Karen Talbot

Fragments by Karen Talbot
Fragments by Karen Talbot

FRAGMENTS, A Collection of Short Stories by Karen Talbot


The Old Lie


Set in the aftermath of the Great War, this is the story of a forgotten hero.  Tommy made it home.  He was one of the lucky ones, wasn’t he?


Resuming Wilf


Wilf is an old man, vulnerable and autistic.  Who will care for him now that he is all alone?  Help comes in the unlikely form of a long-forgotten friendship, when his neighbour, Gwen peers through her living room curtains and finally notices his plight.




Set in the urban riots of Summer 2011, Adam is a quiet, sensible teacher out celebrating his recent promotion when he is accidentally caught up in the chaos. A moment of madness sees him ruin two lives forever.  


Soul Deep


Down in Moody, Alabama in the summer of ’56, life couldn’t get any more idyllic for teenagers, Willis and Isaac, until a trip into the big city brings the horrors of segregation and racism into their lives. Life will never be the same again for either of them.


The Necessary Gamble


Gustav became Giles when he fled Russia and made England his home. He became a very rich man, only to gamble it all away. Borrowing money from the Russian Mafia was crazy, he knew, but if he could just pull off this one final, desperate gamble, he’d be home and dry, wouldn’t he?


Leave ‘Em Laughing


When 23 year old Kelly is diagnosed with terminal cancer, there isn’t much to laugh about, but her vibrant, larger-than-life spirit remains positive and she’s determined to create some happy, but not always tasteful memories for her loved ones to hold on to. 


The Wedding Trousseau


It’s 1972 and not a good time to find yourself unmarried and pregnant, especially when you’re only sixteen.  Mother and daughter, Rita and Heather have never seen eye to eye but as Rita has secretly been in a similar position, she’s determined to be supportive. Heather just wishes her mother would listen to her.


Debt-Ridden (The Devil Went Down To Stretham) 

- Making a bargain with The Devil may not be the brightest move in the world, but when you're buried in as much debt as Raymond, you'll consider anything. The problem is, The Devil doesn't want his soul, not when he already owns the likes of Simon Cowell's. Instead he offers Raymond the chance to join a new scheme he's piloting: Hell's credit card. The terms are great: no credit limits and no repayments at all. The only downside is the interest: one week of his life for every hundred pounds he spends. It's not a problem though because he'll hardly use it. Honest

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed a good story, and there are certainly good stories here! A really good mix of genre, serves as a perfect showcase for Karen's talent. They have been thoughtfully and imaginatively written, I recommend everyone to have a look, like me, you'll be glad you did!


Just finished reading 'Fragments' & enjoyed it a lot. Particularity enjoyed Debt-Ridden for the idea of bargaining time for credit & Leave 'Em Laughing as it had personal meaning to me.


Excellent collection of short stories by a first time author, hope to read more from her soon.


A very enjoyable collection of short stories by Karen Talbot. The short stories are a great way of digging into the new authors work in one sitting, giving a brief insite to greater things. Well done Karen can't wait for a longer novel.