Sold and posted to you at COST PRICE (without profit)

There was a lot of discussion as to why the colour vinyl releases did not come with a sticker to distinguish them from the original releases since 198x.  Universal confirmed this was not an option for this series.


So we decided to create and professionally print 37mm round stickers which CAN if you wish be put onto your new purchase.  It is a permanent sticker so please be aware of this when attaching to the sleeve or to the plastic.


We are selling them back to you the fan/purchaser/Record Store at Cost price* and non profit making. 


The cost of each sticker is 6p and sold in a set of 6 at 36p.  There will however, be the unavoidable costs. Only 25% of the total 1,000 records released were printed so stock is limited to one set per person. 


Cost Breakdown*

6 x Stickers: 36p Cost Price

Envelope: 3p Cost Price

Stamp (UK): 55p (Europe): £1.57 (Worldwide): £2.27.  Unavoidable Cost at Cost Price

Card/Paypal Charge: 24p (UK)  Unavoidable Cost at Cost Price


TOTAL COST for posting (UK) £1.18; Europe/Worldwide final total to be confirmed. 


Face to Face cost would be 40p as no unavoidable charges would apply.


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