11. September 2019

11. September 2019
10. September 2019
Have a look for the physicals or find on Spotify the @PeteWilliamsMus trilogy of solo albums. Here is PETE in the studio with MICK TALBOT laying down some tracks for the 2nd one.

03. September 2019
STEVE @drummerwhitey STEVE@stevesidelnyk MICK Talbot & DR ROBERT @theblowmonkeys ALL Style Council members appear on the forthcoming Monks Road Social DOUBLE @MonksRoadRecord The 1st one rapidly sold out - Pre order details below. Also features an updated Jesse by Mother Earth https://monksroadshop.com/products/monks-road-social-out-of-bounds?utm_campaign=outfy_sm&utm_source=socialmedia&utm_medium=socialmedia_post
02. September 2019
Have a listen to NEW music from STEVE WHITE & the guys in HAGUE & WHITE on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/6WJbkiMvtE1kV6pDC3RcUj?si=Q4JceoTRSMOLaLpvRhycTQ… & on Monks Road Social. “If it was all down to me”

02. September 2019
21. August 2019
JUNIOR @JuniorGiscombe appeared with The Style Council on TV, On Stage, on marches and on record. An absolute legend and still releasing & playing regularly live. #thestylecouncil #mrcoolsdream Photo: Helen Mikellides

15. August 2019
A few birthdays coming up - Today’s is DENNIS MUNDAY. An essential cog in The Style Council wheel up until retirement July 1985. The link between the band & the record company - famously didn’t let the Polydor execs hear Cafe Bleu until it was finished, as he knew they’d go mad!
11. August 2019
A day later on 1st April 1984, Paul would break his arm in Germany, but the tour went on. #thestylecouncil

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