07. May 2019
Diary 1983: The Style Council play their 1st outdoor gig - FREE at Brockwell Park, London. “disastrous” said Paul. We will bring you all the info, photos, links to the audio AND the video footage which only surfaced in 2018 No one else will bring you all this. AUDIO of the 11 minute gig - The Style Council, Brockwell Park CND benefit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3P1tQh4mB4 … VIDEO: You’ll this! 36 years ago TODAY. The Style Council at Brockwell Park. In 2018 this VIDEO footage was...
05. May 2019
HAPPY 36th to @drummerwhitey Steve who joined The Style Council TODAY in 1983 at the Maida Vale 4 BBC studios to record a session for Radio 1. The four tracks performed absolutely live were Mick’s Up, Here’s One That Got Away, Headstart For Happiness and The Paris Match. You will enjoy this high quality link to The Style Council BBC session today in 1983. The 4 tracks were, Here’s One That Got Away, Mick’s Up, The Paris Match & Headstart For Happiness...

01. May 2019
LIVE for the very first time. Today in Liverpool, 1983. 36 years ago HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Style Council. Just Paul & Mick at this time. {Dee did record Money Go Round many weeks prior and Steve would join in a few days} .... 1983: Today @ their DEBUT GIG: A Solid Bond In Your Heart, Money Go Round, Headstart For Happiness & Speak Like A Child. Here is the entire audio via You Tube https://youtu.be/QGf7lQY9f2Y #TheStyleCouncil
18. April 2019
Nothing in RSD of interest ... so here is a “TSC covered” @Spotify playlist ... some beauties in here you’ll scratch your head at. “The Style Council played THIS live?” Yes, full details within Mr Cools Dream (purple) https://open.spotify.com/user/hl0jxm3wjyrof4u3bsl4vqvn3/playlist/0BEVn69P6YsfooCvLY131g?si=dXiGSsjfRPq01WORl74KAg … #thestylecouncil #RSD2019 GOOD FRIDAY FUNK: 15 tracks covered by The Style Council on our @Spotifyplaylist ....

17. April 2019
QUIZ time. A tough one ... Both of these movies were ridiculed but What Actor appeared in both ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS (1986) and JerUSAlem (1987) ? Not sure anyone’s ever linked these two movies in 32 years #thestylecouncil
11. April 2019
Name The Style Council single with a link to Bar Italia ?

08. April 2019
A challenge to followers. Was ANYONE here at the 2,000 capacity WILSHIRE gig in Beverley Hills in 1984. Did anyone bring a camera or tape recorder to the gig? Absolutely nothing concrete on this gig whatsoever. 7th & 8th May 1984.
07. April 2019
10/7/83 - DEE C LEE got to number 1 with WHAM'S "FANTASTIC" LP. It stayed in the chart for 2 years & 12 weeks, then SEE THE DAY was released.

06. April 2019
TODAY in 1986 ... HAVE YOU EVER HAD IT BLUE was in the charts. Ignored at the time due to it being cool to detest “The Absolute Beginners” movie but now BOTH are much loved. Have You Ever Had It Blue? 33 years on. There is an exclusive mix on the soundtrack of ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS. That’s passed many by.
18. March 2019
World Book Day & International Women’s Day all wrapped into one by 🇮🇹 Silvia @MRCOOLSDREAM #thestylecouncil Internationalists.

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