01. October 2017
The issuing of links for payment and posting of stickers will resume mid October.
23. September 2017
On BBC1 every Saturday for now is Honorary Style Councillor, Reverend Richard Coles. Why?

21. September 2017
We've added a splash of C&A colour to the unreleased STYLE COUNCIL "Go Alpine" sleeve reproduced with permission in Mr Cool's Dream 2014.
20. September 2017
This will be TRACIE YOUNG's rarest UK release, so a rough value at £50. It was sold at her Shepherd's Bush Empire gig in 2009. No more than 500 were pressed, if that.

17. September 2017
"There's no peace for the wicked" ... plotting 83/84 tracks & appearances. This will be a "map" where you can double check you have em all.
15. September 2017
Here are 9 Style Council compilations you may not have seen.

14. September 2017
Walls Come Tumbling Down hits over 2.5 millions views from one VEVO link.
13. September 2017
With Modernism: A New Decade being released on 15th September and the surge in orders making it an Amazon Number 1 release, it was time to do a poll.

12. September 2017
Do you have the complete box with the elusive 6th CD? & Mr Cool's Dream HMV booklet?
12. September 2017
So, according to Paul Weller in a magazine interview, extracted here "everyone" hated CONFESSIONS OF A POP GROUP in 1988. Which is remarkable when you read the praise for it on our Facebook page. 99% love it, many saying it is their favourite Style Council album.

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