The Tripping Horse - 29th Oct 2012



26-year-old Ashley Marshall lives life through a sense of order. Working as an insurance clerk he finds plenty of opportunities to arrange his and other people's lives. However, despite strenuous efforts, his home life is far harder to regulate. Still living at home with his mother and itinerant brother David, he finds it impossible to regulate their unpredictable behaviour.


One Friday morning, Ashley's brother leaves home to spend a weekend at a rock festival. His failure to return spends his mother into an uncontrollable panic. Terrified of her declared intention to travel to the festival site, Ashley reluctantly agrees to try and locate his errant brother.


Outside of his comfort zone, Ashley enters into a myriad of new and terrifying experiences that tear at his narrow sensibilities and challenge his sense of being.


The Tripping Horse is an extraordinary odyssey into family dynamics, conflicting lifestyles and self- discovery.


Simon Wells is the author of seven books including “Butterfly On A Wheel” and the best-selling “Charles Manson: Coming Down Fast”. The Tripping Horse is his first novel.




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