ebooks to replace the printed book?

Wholepoint Publications moved into the EBOOK area when it was still very much in its infancy. The Kindle had just been released in the UK and IBOOKS and KOBO were only in the planning.  The first title released was our very own book on The Style Council - Mr Cool's Dream. This had sold out on Paperbck (2006) and Hardback (2008) so the updated ebook was an ideal opportunity to get a new edition out worldwide.


From this we met best selling author Paolo Hewitt to guage his interest to release some of his out of print titles as an ebook for the first time. Paolo will admit he was a little reluctant being a man who still owned a typewriter - However, after some successful releases it is fair to say he is now happy to champion the ebook, and does so on The Modcast.


Please contact Wholepoint to discuss a possible ebook release for a new project, idea or previous printed release you may have.